Our Hamburg office is located in the heart of the city and brings with it the unique advantages of booming international teams, all of whom share the same floor and are brought together by the same goal: empowering Yelp’s products for business owners.
Our backend engineers work on a wide range of problems every day. A backend engineer at Yelp can start the day working on improving the performance of a batch job and finish the day implementing a new API endpoint to power a mobile application feature. They switch easily from writing database queries to debugging tricky problems in Splunk.
On the Biz National team, our mission is to make Yelp the best it can be for businesses with anywhere from 10 to thousands of locations. To achieve that mission, we do everything from data collection and analysis to creating new advertising products and building out reporting infrastructure. If you like to come up with new ideas, share them with the team, and collaboratively work on the ideal solution, Biz National has a place for you.
Check out our GitHub page (https://yelp.github.io/) to see what we’re up to!

What You Will Do:

  • Design and build new systems to support our business owners
  • Work with a variety of technologies and systems, from deployment pipelines to RESTful APIs
  • Dig into the services that support our organization and look for ways to make Yelp better every day
  • Advocate for best practices and champion new technologies
  • Collaborate closely with product managers, designers, and other engineering teams
  • What We Are Looking For:

  • Expertise in at least one dynamic language
  • Knowledge of at least one popular server-side framework (Django, Twisted, Rails, Pyramid, CodeIgniter, Play, etc.)
  • Experience working with relational and distributed data stores
  • Familiarity with service-oriented architectures
  • Desire to learn, share your knowledge, and always improve your engineer-self
  • Basic familiarity with a Linux environment
  • Belief in well-tested code