Wanna get away?

If you’ve been a technical writer for more than 7 years, working in a traditional documentation shop, and need a change of pace, check us out. Venafi is the market-leading cybersecurity company in machine identity protection. 

As Venafi’s User Assistance Team, we’re responsible not only for content but also for the tools used to deploy our content. Our success depends on each of us speaking up and contributing to our success. We love to brainstorm new ideas and new ways of delivering content to our customers. We believe in real, ongoing customer research and getting inside the heads of our users so we know how to help them to be successful. Venafi writers are versatile.

We’re looking for a self-starting, fast learner with ideas. You’ll be encouraged to contribute your experience and ideas as we architect our content, improve our content model, and automate our processes. We want your help in getting us to the next level of excellence.

What we do

The User Assistance Team develops content for security experts, network administrators, and certificate managers. Our documentation is used externally by customers and internally by employees and is considered very important by both audiences.  We work directly with software and QA engineers, product managers, UX designers, and Customer Support to create and deliver innovative user assistance. Our team strongly believes in the value of single-sourced and topic-based content.

Our work environment

Our work environment is open:  no cubicles. The Engineering division works in an agile environment and we all share our large work space. Our growing team of experienced technical writers are both passionate about understanding user needs, and then working hard to help them be successful. Interaction and having fun are valuable and ongoing parts of our culture. 

What we’re looking for

Must haves:

Experience and skills:

  • 7+ years of writing about complex software for a mixed audience
  • Excellent authoring and editing skills
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • A genuine curiosity about technology and how Venafi products solve security problems
  • Proven ability to make complex ideas easy to understand
  • Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time while meeting release deadlines
  • Demonstrated user advocacy 
  • College degree in computer science, technical writing, or English
  • Experience working in agile environments and a basic understanding of agile methodology
  • Understanding of the value and purpose of content modeling and information architecture

Technical skills:

  • Familiarity with basic computer networking concepts like SSL, SSH, clients and servers
  • Basic knowledge of encryption and network security
  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Proficiency in using MadCap Flare (or enough experience with HTML and CSS that suggests you could learn Flare quickly) 

Would be nice if you have

  • Experience working with global talent
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, jQuery, and other scripting solutions 

We’d be impressed if you have

  • Experience with Jira software
  • Experience with SmartGit source control software
  • Ability to produce video content using Snag-it or Camtasia
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics and/or Pendo

If you think you’d be an excellent fit on our team, please apply! Writing samples and other material will be required, and we might ask you to demonstrate your skills by converting a poor topic into a stellar one.