About Syapse

Maybe you’ve supported a friend or family member who’s dealing with cancer. Maybe you’ve battled it yourself. At Syapse, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to deliver the best care to every cancer patient through precision medicine. Our personal connections to this mission unite us.

We integrate genomics and clinical data on a single platform and allow doctors to share important treatment and outcomes information across a national network. Our customers manage more than 1 million active cancer cases at hundreds of hospitals across the US and Asia. Now, we’re racing to meet growing demand and bring precision cancer care to every patient, regardless of location or income.

About the Syapse Engineering Team

The Syapse software engineering team is built upon small, agile teams that own product areas end to end. Our scrum teams design and deliver their components independently, using short, iterative sprints. Our domain-based communities of practice (e.g. Data Semantics, Web Technology, Tooling & Infrastructure) deal with cross cutting concerns and foster collaboration across teams. We scale our data platform using a microservice architecture, stream processing, and other distributed systems approaches.

We are building a data platform that is helping to usher in the precision medicine era. Our applications enable oncologists to deliver consistent, evidence-based precision oncology care, and empower hospital administrators to implement precision oncology programs at scale. The Syapse Network enables collaboration between health systems through data sharing across our customers. Through this, we’ll achieve our mission to enable healthcare providers to deliver the best care to every cancer patient through precision medicine.

Our point of view about this position

As a member of our technical staff, we want you to be the reservoir of architectural guidance for our product teams, a role model for our engineers, and an expert and prolific software engineer. You should be self directed and result oriented, one who demands alignment of engineering efforts with business objectives; one who has demonstrated the ability to solve business and engineering challenges using pragmatic and scalable technical solution. Being part of a startup, we expect you to be a strong proponent of evolutionary architecture and actively seek out the challenging engineering problems and solve them without a lot of guidance.


  • Design and development of our core systems for our data and application platform.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to align the engineering effort with the business and product objectives.
  • Exemplify holistic approach to writing software, e.g. security, documentation, instrumentation, and observability.
  • Identify engineering problems and provide reasonable solutions backed with evidence and thoughtful analysis. Identify, leverage, and successfully evangelize opportunities to improve engineering productivity.
  • Lead technical direction and strategy for multiple teams and products and take full ownership of the services and components including on call duties.
  • Continuously work on reducing engineering impediments, technical debt, and addressing cross cutting concerns across teams.
  • Be a multidisciplinary leader and coach engineers to level up their technical and troubleshooting skills
  • Requirements

  • Experience with high volume, high availability distributed systems
  • Prolific coding experience with programming languages like Java, Python etc
  • Deep understanding and hands on experience with microservices architecture
  • Broad exposure to various distributed systems and a deeper understanding of tools and technologies required to build modern day data platform e.g. Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Hadoop etc.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • Extra Credits for

  • Experience with containers and orchestration is a plus, e.g. Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes.
  • Elasticsearch/Kibana
  • DyanmoDB or a no-sql database
  • Benefits and perks

    Amazing Coworkers solving genuinely meaningful challenges

    Flexible time off

    Competitive pay and ownership in the company

    100% company paid medical, dental and vision for employees

    401(K) matching

    Transit assistance & Pre-tax commuter benefits.

    Weekly catered lunches and office snacks

    Company sponsored gym membership & lots of other perks

    Next steps

    After submitting an application a team member will reach out to you shortly.  While each interview is unique, our interview process typically consists of an introductory phone conversation with a recruiter, a second phone or video interview with a hiring manager or senior team member, and wraps up with a visit our to our office, usually lasting +/- 4 hours.Have a quick question about the role? Email careers@syapse.com or simply apply here.