SafetyCulture is the Australian tech start-up disrupting the safety and quality industry globally. We build SaaS products that help our customers create safer, higher quality and more efficient workplaces. Our flagship product iAuditor is the market leading safety check app in the world with over 1 million inspections performed every month. That is what we are currently known for but not all that we are working on. We are a multi revenue stream business building out our ecosystem of products for both quality and safety. We are using machine learning, predictive analysis, artificial intelligence and IoT in our current projects to ensure we continue to offer our customers (e.g. aviation, construction, retail, hospitality, facilities management) products that saves them time, empowers a safer workplace and are so simple to use. We are tackling a huge problem here - saving lives in the workplace by preventing accidents from happening! If this is something you want to be apart of read on.. We only hire people who are obsessed with our mission.

We received our Series C funding in May 2018 ($100M total), 5 x’d the size of the team over two years to 310 staff globally which includes 80 Engineers - all in Australia. We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join one of our cross-functional teams focusing on building one of our core features. We are currently in a transition from a start-up to a scale-up business. Our tech stack includes AWS, microservices, Golang, React, C++ for mobile.


  • You are language agnostic and know that the challenge at hand is the most important
  • You build it well - write quality, clean code that you are happy to maintain 2 years from now
  • If you have experience with Javascript (Node.JS) and Golang then you'll hit the ground running but we are happy for you to learn these languages too
  • You're passionate about microservices, platforms and API's that will allow us to ship even more innovative product
  • You know what it takes to build software that will be used by thousands of customers every hour, with no downtime
  • You can build the right solution to ship frequently, a solution that our customers trust with even their most critical operations
  • You’re disciplined! Yes we are a chaotic start-up experiencing hyper growth, but we need someone who can bring a healthy mix of speed, delivery and quality to everything they do
  • You want to work in a feature-driven environment. You are also someone who is a team player that makes key technology decisions, while at the same time being a mentor
  • You are destined to make a big impact with a company on the verge of incredible growth (both in users and people) - we are going from 320 to 500 staff members in the coming 12-18 months across our 5 offices - Sydney, Townsville, Manchester, Kansas City and Manila