Data Platform Engineering at Prezi:

The Data Platform Engineering team builds the tools and the systems that empower teams at Prezi to make better data-driven decisions and enable them to create user-facing features on top of the worlds largest database of online presentations.

We leverage open source technologies like Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, Spark, and when they are not enough we write our own or contribute back to these projects when solving our platform challenges. We are also heavy users of the AWS platform to achieve our data needs, using such services as RedShift and storing our data in S3 for our data warehouse. As a member of our team, you would spend time designing and growing our existing infrastructure, productising data access at the company, and promoting the correct use of data and analytics at the company.

Here are a few examples of what we have built and some highlights on our road ahead:

  • Real-time event-stream infrastructure: To enable teams to make sense of all the actions are users are doing within our productivity tool, we build out an ELK-Kafka-Spark infrastructure to allow for easy development of real-time applications and enable more in-depth analysis including a UI for Visualizing such interactions.
  • Next-gen data workflow system: We currently use an in-house built system that schedules and performs ETL tasks to move and process petabytes of information on a daily basis. We are in the works of implementing a new data management workflow system using new patterns like the use of containers and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes to help our analysts and key data stakeholders to be more efficient and improve reliability and confidence in our data pipelines. If you want to learn more how it works today, take a look at what we presented at re:Invent.
  • Machine learning infrastructure: At Prezi, we just started to introduce machine learning (ML) to achieve greater efficiency in understanding our users. We are at the beginnings of establishing a common infrastructure for ML which we believe can save significant development time and provider more insights for the company and our users. You can join us in building this new exciting step for Prezi.

The following experience is relevant to us:

  • Experience with the design and operation of robust distributed systems
    • 2+ years of full-time, industry experience
    • Experience with AWS platform is a plus
  • Love to use and develop open source technologies like Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, and Spark
  • Working knowledge of relational databases and query authoring (SQL)
  • Strong scripting ability in Python / Bash
  • Rigor in high code quality, automated testing, and other engineering best practices
  • Experience with Scala or other JVM based language is a plus
  • Experience with *nix system is a plus

What we offer: 

  • Deploy to production from day one
  • A working environment that supports career and skill growth
  • People who listen to your opinions and value them
  • A centrally located office in downtown Budapest
  • Enjoy free quality food in our bistro
  • Participate in fellowship trips and work in our San Francisco office
  • Paid trips to professional conferences anywhere in the world
  • Receive stock options to become your own employer
  • Be yourself - we are proud to be colourful!