Some years ago we were a nifty little product. Today we’re a full blown business that provides an interactive audience experience to over three quarters of the Fortune 500 and more than 100,000 educators the world over.
And that means numbers… lots and lots of glorious numbers! At Poll Everywhere, we love data. Truly. Nothing moves mountains here like a well constructed, data-deep spreadsheet. We want to collect more data. We want to understand the data we already have. We want to cut that data in new and interesting ways.
Because everyone here knows that that data will tell stories. And those stories will inspire us. And our users. And our future users.
That’s where you come in.

We might be a fit if you...

  • Enjoy solving hard problems and care enough to get it right with numbers
  • Enjoy thinking through and solving complex business problems with cold hard numbers.
  • Are proficient in statistical analysis, know what a “p value” is or can explain how best to use one for making business decisions.
  • Are proficient with SQLLike to think about business problems like customer acquisition, marketing funnels, and conversion rate optimization.
  • Love a good story. And know how to see that story in the sea of numbers combined with the experiences of users with which you are confronted.
  • Are an analytical mind that wants to be close to strategic thinking and business decisions.
  • Enjoy defining the critical questions you’d like to answer and not just solve the problems you are presented.
  • Bonus points if you:

  • Good scripting skills, experience with at least one scripting language (Ruby, Python, etc.) or good coding experience.
  • Know how to track changes in a version control system like git. Have skills related to web design/UX.
  • Have experience modeling business problems with Monte Carlo simulations
  • know RoR or have front-end JS experience
  • Are familiar with the term “growth hacker”
  • Are familiar with Airflow and/or Pandas
  • Have a B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, MIS, Mathematics or other quantitative field or have at least 4 years' industry experience
  • On any given day, armed with your data driven insights you will...

  • Define and create metrics, funnels, or visualizations that show us how we are doing as a company in user growth, revenue, website performance and usage
  • Assist the marketing team to improve online marketing campaigns through analysis of website usage and campaign data, and tell the sales team which customers are at risk for attrition and which customers have the biggest upside potential
  • Show the product team where they can improve our service (and website) to increase the rate at which people sign up for Poll Everywhere and, keep them coming back.
  • Help our DevOps team figure out where we need to boost capacity to handle our user growth and usage spikes from large events.
  • Make minor visual, functional, or copy changes to measure a hypothesis about user behavior.
  • Please keep your application brief. We appreciate small resumes with relevant experience. Be prepared to defend any laundry lists of skills. Short but super-personalized cover letters are welcome.
    Principals only, please. We aren't using contingency staffing agencies at the moment. Poll Everywhere is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.
    Good luck!