You are intellectually curious.  You like building cool stuff.  And you're nice.

At, you will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of passionate Noodlers to shape the future of AI in the Enterprise.  We're tackling complex business challenges... and we find that the best way to do that is with a team of people who not only represent top talent in their fields, but also pull together a diverse set of ideas and perspectives.  

As a Principal Software Engineer at, your work is at the core of everything we create.  You design and build the systems that make everything we do possible.  You are coming in with a strong background in software engineering, but you see yourself as a life-long learner.  You are hungry to grow, hungry to make an impact... and looking to have some fun and build connections along the way. 


  • Design, build, and evolve common core libraries and key specific service applications for data analysis workflows
  • Design, build, and evolved core infrastructure pieces and development tooling
  • Evaluate and understand third-party tooling for incorporation into noodle systems
  • Understand and be prepared to build the breadth of the backend of modern service platforms
  • Design, build systems that can handle multiple data sources, streaming events via websocket and coordinating the command and control of the systems 


Must Have

  • 3-7 years of real-world experience with production systems
  • 9+ years of software engineering experience
  • 5+ years of C and object oriented languages (C++, Java)
  • BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Technology or related fields. Masters degree a plus.
  • Good breadth of language skills such as Python, R, Go, Haskell and other languages.
  • Strong understanding of SQL databases
  • Strong understanding of the nature of distributed development and its pitfalls
  • Kafka or similar distributed messaging services
  • Spark or similar distributed data processing service
  • Familiarity with containers, preferably Docker and Mesos
  • Strong belief in automating all the things (and testing them)
  • Angular, React, Redux, Node.js or equivalent
  • Stream processing technologies and concurrency frameworks
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible or equivalent

 Nice to have

  • Bash skills are a big bonus, UNIX mastery in general as well
  • Basic familiarity of front-end development is great

 Want to help shape the future of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence? 

 Let’s noodle.