MongoDB Stitch is a new backend as a service that lets you directly access MongoDB anywhere and interact with other services such as AWS, Twilio, and general HTTP services. Stitch is backed by a powerful, easy to use rule system called QueryAnywhere, serverless functions, database triggers, and Stitch Mobile Sync.

The Stitch SDK team owns the integration of Stitch with MongoDB Mobile, the SDKs for Stitch (Stitch currently supports SDKs for IOS, Android and Web/Node), and Stitch Mobile Sync. MongoDB Mobile enables developers to store data locally on mobile devices and Stitch Mobile Sync allows that local data to be synchronized with Atlas in realtime. These products are critical to Stitch, empowering developers to deliver apps across multiple platforms.

The Stitch team is based out of New York City. Members of the team are passionate about API design and making developers lives easier and more efficient. The technologies the team works with are Java, Swift, Modern JavaScript, iOS, Android, and more as we introduce more SDKs.

The ideal candidate will...

  • Have 3+ years of experience developing back-end software
  • Have some experience contributing to internal/external libraries/SDKs
  • Have substantial, demonstrable experience writing high-quality software
  • Want to participate in Open Source software development and communities
  • Have a love for designing and implementing ergonomic APIs
  • Have a desire for continuous learning of new technologies, languages, and platforms
  • Be an effective communicator, an engineer, and problem solver
  • Possess the ability to self-start and improve themselves
  • Have some experience with Java, Javascript, or Swift
  • Have some experience with MongoDB

Position Expectations

  • Collaborate effectively with teammates and colleagues across the organization
  • Write high quality (e.g. clean, well-tested) code
  • Deliver tasks on-time, clearly communicate challenges or roadblocks
  • Participate actively in the code review process
  • Design effective solutions to challenging software engineering problems

The Senior Engineer will be successful in this role when they...

  • Know their way around each of the SDKs and the Mobile Sync code base
  • Can deliver tasks through the entire SDLC, from design through deployment with minimal guidance
  • Establish a cadence of on-time delivery without cutting corners
  • Can communicate design decisions and trade-offs effectively
  • Earn the trust of the team