Tools to promote opportunities and match qualified technical professionals with open positions


Powerful Matching Engine

Our matching engine introduces candidates to compatible opportunities at your organization. It's like having a dedicated domain expert working 24/7/365 to find technical professionals with the skills your company needs at a fraction of the cost. You get a concise overview of applicant skill sets and are able to see how they stack up with your position requirements. Already have applicants and resumes? Upload them to StackPair to see which open positions they match up with.

Syncing & Integration

StackPair integrates directly with your ATS and existing flow. We save you time by syncing active opportunities from your existing workflow. There is no manual work required to publish your opportunities on StackPair and begin having our community of technical professionals matched with them.

Integrates with:

Do you prefer to manage your listings through StackPair instead of syncing from another source? Our system is streamlined for easy listing publishing.

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What You Get

Unlimited Listings

It benefits both our community of technology professionals and hiring companies to allow unlimited listings, so that's what we're offering.

Non-expiring Listings

We opted to design StackPair so that listings do not automatically expire after a certain length of time. Your listings stay live on StackPair for as long as you are hiring and subscribed. We verify opportunities are still available through your ATS integration or site to ensure our community of technical professionals are matched with active opportunities.

Unlimited Matches

Our matching engine is purely focused on pairing opportunities with the most qualified candidates. Your listings on StackPair will show up an unlimited number of times on user searches and match results.

Unlimited Applicants

No-nonsense: we don't charge additional fees to access the applicant resumes you receive. All you need is a subscription to get started.