About Our DevOps Engineer

Dynamic Yield is on the lookout for a “dynamic” DevOps Engineer - a role for someone with the word ‘agility’ tattooed behind their eyelids. This role is the link between development and deployment, highlighting the ability to think like an engineer and function as an operations professional. Dynamic Yield is committed to quality products timely delivery cycles. Merging those two is the mission for our high-quality DevOps Engineer.

We’re looking for someone who has the customer in mind, in terms of deployment frequency, dependable releases, and in close alignment with business objectives. The goal is to reduce the time between committing changes, updates, and product launches in normal production while maintaining the highest standards possible. Essentially, our DevOps Engineer is a speed demon with a serious case of OCD.

The Task-at-Hand:

  • Script, script, script regardless of language
  • Troubleshoot large applications – You need to know what to do when something complex breaks down
  • Administer *nix (At minimum, the basics)
  • Java and/or Python experience - big part of our stack. Will be best if you know your way around it.
  • Manage an application’s lifecycle – CI/CD, source control & automated testing
  • Intermediate Coding
  • Familiar with AWS or other cloud solutions.
  • Code OK – We don’t just operate stuff, we build new stuff too
  • Find your way around the HTTP/TCP stack

Optimal Skills for Success:

  • Experienced with Docker in production
  • Experience with Jenkins, Git, Nagios, Graphite, Chef (our current tool belt)
  • AWS Cost reduction experience
  • Experience with non-relational DBs (especially the Hadoop ecosystem)
  • Pro-active Thinker
  • Quick learner
  • Strong Communications skills, being able to speak techie to engineers, simplify for customers, and everything in between
  • Contributed to any FOSS projects
  • Have a cool DIY project to show off