Our firm and culture 

Domeyard LP is a tech startup and quantitative hedge fund based in Boston. As one of the fastest market participants in the world, Domeyard leverages advances in high-performance computing and data analysis to implement trading algorithms across a diverse range of assets, including equities, futures, fixed income, energies and commodities. Almost all of Domeyard's infrastructure is built and maintained in-house.

Domeyard is a flat organization. There are no separate teams or departments, and ideas are exchanged freely throughout the company. Our flexible work hours, casual dress code, generous employee benefits, and startup environment (gaming room, team events and of course, free food) ensure that you can commit fully to your intellectual interests. The diversity within our team reflects Domeyard's core values, and we do sponsor H-1B visas.

What you'll be doing:

  • Deploying and maintaining a high-availability environment consisting of servers and databases distributed across multiple data centers worldwide.
  • Managing petabytes of storage.
  • Maintaining physical and cloud-based Linux clusters with hundreds to thousands of CPU cores.
  • Managing and troubleshooting Linux systems configurations.
  • Testing performance of servers and networks.
  • Researching and implementing kernel-level optimizations.
  • Evaluating new hardware and optimizing servers to accelerate low latency trading.

We're looking for candidates with the following kinds of experience:

  • Bachelor's degree and/or at least 4 years experience working with Linux/UNIX-based servers.
  • Shell scripting in a UNIX environment.
  • Configuration and monitoring tools (Puppet, Nagios, RRDtool, Zabbix).
  • Network administration (OSI layers, multicast, routing, switching, physical network design, bonding, TCP/IP, packet processing, VLAN configuration, VPN setup).
  • Distributed file systems (NFS, Ceph, GlusterFS).
  • Enterprise HA storage systems, disk arrays and database management systems (PostgreSQL, kdb, Cassandra).
  • Low latency equipment and network adapters (Xilinx, Cisco, Metamako, Solarflare, Mellanox).
  • Cloud computing deployments (AWS, GCE).
  • Performance analysis tools (tcpdump, sar, iostat, strace).
  • High-availability server and network architectures (redundancy, failover, replication, recovery).
  • Source automation, build and continuous integration tools (Teamcity, Jenkins).
  • Operating system internals and kernel source in C (interrupt handling, scheduling, device drivers).
  • VOIP telephony and open source voice switches (Asterisk, Freeswitch). 

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** We are offering only full-time opportunities at this moment. By submitting your resume, you agree to keep all interview questions confidential, so as to give other candidates an equal chance. **