Participate in the design, development, testing, and documentation of software systems for video delivery and ad insertion services. Will also utilize strong development experience with object-oriented development and work with a variety of relational databases. Specific duties include:

  • Develop and deploy the company’s Server Side Advertisement Insertion (SSAI) service;
  • Develop and deploy scalable backend services for dynamic video delivery;
  • Assist with the end-to-end production of server-side systems including design, development, test and maintenance;
  • Assist Agile-based teams in delivering new customer solutions and updates to existing solutions on a regular basis;
  • Lead and participate actively in software design and discussions;
  • Design and develop software code that is both functional and elegant;
  • Experiment with new technologies and incorporate them into the company’s products;
  • Work on complex technology and software development projects; and
  • Responsible for some aspect of direct training delivery, including hosting, participating in, or presenting meet ups, on-line webinars, professional development workshops, and training sessions.

Minimum Requirements:  Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field, plus three (3) years’ experience as a Software Engineer.  Experience must include the following (experience may be gained concurrently and may be gained prior to, during, or after completion of advanced degree):

  • 2 years with video encoding, transcoding, packaging technology, video and audio codecs, streaming protocols, and DRM;
  • 2 years utilizing programming technologies, including C++;
  • 1 year utilizing programming technologies, including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Golang;
  • 1 year with AWS services, Microservice and Docker container experience; and
  • 1 year with experience with Agile, Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development.