About Us:

Braintree lets you move money from one place to another safely and securely. Every time you pay for an Uber ride, book a stay through Airbnb, or pay with PayPal when you check out online, you’re probably using our product. It sounds complex (and it is), but we make it so simple you can’t tell we’re there.

We solve world-scale problems and provide opportunities to match. We build diverse teams that recognize our strengths and allow us to work on our weaknesses. You bring skills and a relentless focus on the customer, and we'll provide the support you need to do the best work of your life.

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Engineering @ Braintree:

Our focus is teaming with smart engineers who are passionate about their craft and excited to build software for our unique solutions in the space.

At Braintree, developers have the chance to work on various teams and stacks. Although most of our software is written in Ruby, we believe in using the best tool for the job. For example, we’ve written data platforms in Clojure, payment gateways in Java, and contextual commerce in Python. Here’s more:

  • Communication is key to our process, and we don't want to hinder it with walls. Many teams program in pairs, which means you always have another set of eyes to help you.
  • We practice test-driven development and believe that it helps us deliver simple solutions focused on real customer needs. We have no QA department – developers test, release and monitor their own code.
  • We keep the team in sync with daily stand-ups and have regular retrospectives to discuss things that are going well and opportunities for improvements.
  • We value unique perspectives brought by diverse backgrounds and experiences. A broad range of ideas and perspectives help us to create the best possible product.

Scaling Components Team:

The Scaling Components team is part of the Platform organization and we are focused on building and supporting components that can be leveraged by engineering teams across Braintree to support the continued growth of the company. Here are some projects we’ve worked on recently:

  • Datastream: We created a Kafka-backed platform to support the growing data availability needs across the company

  • Jobstream: We built a highly scalable Kafka-backed background job processing solution that is leveraged at numerous engineering teams across Braintree

  • Payment gateway reliability improvements: We rolled out and contributed performance improvements to an open source distributed key-value store in order to further enhance the reliability of our payment gateway

  • Payment transaction performance & scaling: Braintree processes billions of transactions yearly and our team is focused on optimizing the performance of the payment gateway

What we look for in you:

  • 5+ years experience building software or web applications with object oriented or functional programming languages. Doesn’t matter what language, just a focus on writing clean, well designed, and scalable code

  • Familiarity with modern distributed systems principles and experience using them to evaluate technology choices

  • Expertise operating Kafka clusters and building high-scale applications that leverage Kafka. Although not required, experience with Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams would be a plus!

  • Linux experience. We expect you to be comfortable behind a Linux terminal

  • Configuration management system such as Puppet or Chef

  • Experience with relational databases such as Postgres or MySQL

  • Ability & desire to work in our collaborative environment: open team office, pair programming, and fluid interactions across teams

  • Interest in test-driven development and specific work experiences using a test-heavy approach to solve problems and create solutions


  • Open dev days: every two weeks we spend a day working on projects that interest us and help us expand our skills and knowledge
  • Participation in the technology community: we help cover travel and attendance costs for conferences, and we offer opportunities and tools for speaking.

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don't hesitate to apply. You can also check out our FAQ!