Advisory statement:

We are on a mission… in the most literal sense possible. We have created a platform which is rapidly becoming the de facto tool within regulatory and compliance, and while we don’t plan on taking over the world, we have no intention of stopping with just this piece of the enterprise pie. The best part: we’ve already created the platform, we have the data, and now the full vision of Behavox, as it was intended to be, is coming to light. This is THE time to join our team. Faint of heart need not apply.

We are a team of highly motivated, passionate individuals; together, we create an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. From engineering to sales, we work in sprints. Our objectives fully transparent, as is our communication, thereby keeping everyone aware and accountable. We accomplish in days what it takes others months, to attempt. This is not bravado, this is fact. Talent, collaboration, and unwavering commitment, combined with a shared vision is what binds us together, enabling us to move at the speed of light.

Understand: Joining this team means you will work harder than you ever have. We provide an environment where “potential” is no longer at rest. Your success is wholly determined by you. No red tape. No politics. No bullshit.

The role: Implementation Engineer

As a member of the Implementation Management team you will be the first point of contact for prospective and existing clients. Our commitment to excellence runs from engineering through implementation & support of our clients. “Good enough” is never acceptable. Anticipate needs. Exceed expectations. Fail fast and continuously improve with everything you touch.

  • Own global solution delivery projects at the largest financial institutions
  • You are adept in communicating (written & in person) with any relevant stakeholder. C-level to support engineer. External & internal. You will present to clients during the bid process, obtain necessary information for POC during the bid process (from the client and internally), and have full ownership of the project through RFP, including integration with 3rd party data platforms.
  • Acting as sales support, you will create and present demonstrations to clients using their data which you will have obtained. Understand their pain points and address them directly, in a relevant and meaningful way.
  • During implementation, use of Python or Groovy to customize our platform to meet client requirements. Ideally, you have 2+ years experience in C++/Java/Python/Groovy.
  • You will manage deployment of our platform into production and act as a liaison between our internal development team as well as the client’s.
  • Naturally curious and a passion for learning are required as you’ll be expected to continuously learn the ecosystem (our platform, the client’s environment, and 3rd party applications) to the point of expertise.
  • This is not 9-5. Not only do we expect the following but, if you’re right for this company, you should need to hold yourself to a higher standard intrinsically. Address client issues and concerns immediately, never cutting corners, with the utmost attention to detail.
    • Hands on experience with virtual machine technologies and AWS cloud computing. Enterprise level exposure. 
    • Development, deployment, or QA experience within highly scalable, distributed, multi-node environments (10+ nodes). Understanding of advanced server clustering and distributed programming.
    • STEM/Finance/Econometrics degree is preferred but those with alternative education is acceptable. All candidates will be required to pass a technical test.