This is a great opportunity to join a World class autonomous driving We’re looking for great software engineers to help us create the most effective compute engines for our platforms.  

Here’s what you will do:

  • Vectorize and port our kernels and algorithms to DSP/GPU’s
  • Validate the expected accuracy and performance of our DSP/GPU’s in our SoC’s

Here’s what we’d like to see in you:

  • BS/MS in CS or EE
  • A good understanding of code vectorization and optimization
  • Ideally experience working with major DSP vendors SDK’s
  • 5+ years hands-on programming experience in C++
  • Experience working on embedded systems

Culture fit:

  • Mission alignment: If you want to be part of Baidu IDG to accomplish our audacious mission, we will provide you with the best possible platform to do that.
  • Self­-directed: We work best with people that are driven, motivated, and aspire to greatness. Are you the sort of person that, if you had time on your hands, will you independently find interesting ways to push the envelope?
  • Hungry to learn: We are eager to see you learn new skills and grow. But learning is hard work and this is something we hope you want to do.
  • Team orientation: We work in small, fast­-moving teams. We don't believe in lone wolves. We watch out for each other and go after big goals together as a team.