If acronyms like MEAN, ELK, and LAMP mean anything to you (other than grumpy woodland light sources), this is probably right up your alley!


  • Build and maintain production Web applications deployed to cloud infrastructures
  • Design and implement functionality that spans from storage to middleware to browser
  • Develop streaming and batch data analytics and large-scale data storage and retrieval systems
  • Create interactive Web-based user interface components and data visualizations
  • Work closely with customers and teammates to rapidly build, test, and deploy new capabilities


  • Develop a new section in our Angular.io Web app that allows you to run a full text search against data stored in our AWS-hosted Elasticsearch cluster
  • Stand up an instance of Zeppelin for an Apache Spark cluster on AWS and write a Spark analytic that summarizes event data stored in AWS S3 and writes the results to Elasticsearch
  • Write a D3 calendar heatmap Angular directive for visualizing event activity patterns over time


  • You love technology (eg. MEAN, LAMP, Elastic Stack, Spark, Storm, Cassandra, Hadoop, AWS, and more)
  • You’re tired of refactoring someone else’s code built on ancient technology
  • You want to work in a lively yet laid-back environment full of people who love learning
  • You’re tired of being bored at work; and you remember when coding used to be fun
  • You want to build stuff people actually use
  • Because tabs > spaces. Because spaces > tabs. ugh, nevermind… O_o
  • You’re a U.S. Citizen and want to obtain a high-level security clearance


Like all aspects of building large-scale Web applications from storage to middleware to front-end? We need to talk.